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What is the ISOPURE lens ?

ISOPURE is a premium monofocal IOL suitable for cataract patients, designed to provide functional intermediate vision in all conditions without compromising on quality of vision with the simplicity of a monofocal IOL.


Like a monofocal IOL, ISOPURE uses all the available light energy to extend the range of focus. It does not lose light energy through diffraction like multifocal IOLs, and through this design it maintains contrast sensitivity comparable to a monofocal IOL


ISOPURE optic features patented polynomial complex surface design across the full optic extending the depth of focus to provide uncompromised high-quality distance vision and improved functional intermediate vision in all pupil sizes and lighting conditions


ISOPURE optic features a non-diffractive design simplifying the discussions for patients who are not candidates for diffractive technology but still want an extended range of vision and reduced need for spectacles. Technologically advanced above any optic in the industry, ISOPURE optic is yet for the cataract surgeon it is prepared for implantation just like a monofocal IOL.

Increase defocus range of vision

ISOPURE doubles the extended depth of focus.

  • Extending depth of focus
  • Improved functional intermediate VA

Quality of vision

ISOPURE optic maintains the high-quality distance vision comparable to a monofocal IOL.

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